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Belle Gunness FAQ

Please use the form below for any questions about Belle Gunness, her story, or about the film. Please include your name, email, and city. Read down the page as more submitted questions will be answered.



Recent Questions

Q: Did you locate the transcripts from the Ray Lamphere trial? Do they still exist? Or are they "missing"? -Paula

A: From talking to the people at the courthouse, no one seems to know where the transcripts are. We aren't sure if it's just the Lamphere trial transcripts or all of the transcripts from that time period. The only way to know what happened at the trial is to read the newspaper articles published each day.

Q: Did the term "gunny sack" originate from the sacks she put the corpses in? -Sue

A: Nope, gunny sacks had their name well before Belle became famous.

Q: Did Sheriff Smutzer disappear shortly after the fire? -Yvonne

A: Not exactly. Not too long after the crimes were uncovered, he did move down to Texas. He eventually returned to La Porte.